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March 13, 2010

Win Some, Lose Some

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So, I went out to the shop and finished carding the Kid Mohair spinning project. Here’s what it started out as.

I doesn’t look like enough to make anything with, but when you pull the individual curls apart, they really fluff and I’m able to spin it really thin. The yardage will be very interesting on this one.

Here’s a pic of the finished cashmere/silk yarn.

So those are in the win column. In the lose  column, I tried to build the self-striping sock yarn apparatus, but I accidentally purchased the wrong size of pipe.  GRRRRR!

March 12, 2010

Frogged … Grrrrr

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Well, I got to about Tier 7 on my Forest Path Shawl and found a mistake 2 tiers back. Normally, I’d forgive myself and just move on, but this was a major mistake. I made a triangle where I shouldn’t have. No recovering from that one. I un-knit for a couple of hours, but the yarn is a little fuzzy and I was doing more harm than good so out of frustration, I just broke the yarn and decided I would tackle this pattern some other day.

I found a posting on Ravelry that describes how to build a contraption for dying self-striping yarn so I ran out to the hardware store and bought everything I needed. I hope to build it this weekend and will be sure to post pics.

Finished spinning the ultra gorgeous cashmere/silk yarn. OMG it is so beautiful I’m afraid to knit it. It turned out to be 485 yards of heaven. I’ll post pics of that too.

The new spinning project is well underway. I bought 4 oz. of dyed kid mohair at Shuttles, Spindles and Skeins. I’m finding I need to break the curls apart and run them through the drum carder before spinning, but that allows me to spin it really thin. Pictures to follow, of course LOL!

I’ve got a cold so I’m moving slow right now, but I’m gonna get myself up and moving soon.

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