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May 17, 2010


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OK. So now that it’s warm enough to venture out to the glass studio, I’ve been busy making some heart pendants because I HATE cleaning beads. Here’s about half of what I’ve got. I’ll probably list them on EBay for about $15, but you can get them here by emailing me for $12, shipping included. Thanks!

May 2, 2010


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OK. Well, the picture of beads came out all fuzzy so we’ll skip that for now. But here’s a picture of my latest shawl. Made of 100% superwash merino (so soft), hand dyed, hand spun, hand knit. Thanks to Maggie for modeling for me. Oh, and by the way, I am willing to part with most my work if you just have to have it 🙂

Update at long last!

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Well, I’ve been such a slacker so here’s a quick update. Sadly, my dear, dear geeky friend passed away. He will be missed.

I purchased a Spinnolution Bee!  Wee! LOVE it. It’s ratio is super high so I’ve been practicing spinning my lace weight yarn.

I’ve spun several skeins of super yummy yarn on my new wheel.

I finished my first shawl made 100% of my handspun yarn.

With the arrival of spring comes the urge to make beads again. The shop is too cold to make beads in the winter time, but now it’s very comfortable out there. I’ve been practicing making heart pendants. I also bought some molds and cast a few heart boxes.

I found a face mold made by a tool designer named Carlo Dona and couldn’t resist. I can’t wait for it to arrive.

My hubby’s friend Sparky built me some traditional Estonian blocking frames which I made shawl blocking sooooo much easier!

OK. Now I’m off to try and get pictures of all this for you. Have a great Sunday.

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