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November 7, 2010

Wild Weekend!

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Soooo … I’ve had my super-reliable Honda Civic since she was brand new. She’s got close to 100k miles on her, but there’s not a thing wrong with her and I wouldn’t say I’m unhappy with her. BUT a few months ago I’m sitting at a stop light not paying much attention to anything and this vehicle rolls past that absolutely took my breath away.  No kidding, I took a triple-take. I had no idea who made it or what it was, but I knew I wanted one.

I eventually figured out it was a Toyota FJ Cruiser. There’s somethng so cute about it, but at the same time it says, don’t mess with me, I’m badd-ass!!! Not only that, it fits perfectly with our new found passion … 4-wheeling and camping in the National Forests!!!

Well, let’s start out by saying that the FJ’s are not cheap. Without going into detail, lets just say that my hubby and I are fortunate enough to both have had long and successful careers so an FJ is not out of reach. It’s just really hard to justify when I’ve got a perfectly good, super reliable, economical, FREE and CLEAR vehicle parked in my garage.

As luck would have it, my oldest daughter graduated from college about a year ago and has her first “real” job. It is however a commute of about 35 miles each way every day. Well, her poor vehicle finally died last week and that started a chain reaction that was unstoppable.  She asked me if I would go vehicle shopping with her since she had never purchased a new car before and as soon as the words “yes, of course” left my mouth, I knew I was in trouble.

First we stopped at the Nissan dealer and looked at what they offered.  Mmmm, OK. So we went down the road a lo and behold, the next dealer was TOYOTA!  And wouldn’t you know it, parked high on a perch in a very 4-wheeling-type pose …. well, you know how this ends don’t you?

Car payments again??? Well, yes. Painful??? Well, yes. Do I care???   NOT!

OK. So after all that excitement, here’s my pick of the litter for this week. I’ve got tons of beads made and patiently waiting my attention in the box. Hopefully I’ll get to them this week. This one is avaliable on Just search for MissP. Thanks for stopping by.

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