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July 16, 2010

We’re off!

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Well, today I have the day off because Tuesday was my birthday.  Sheesh pretty soon I’ll be celebrating the 29th anniversary of my 29th birthday LOL! We’re taking advantage of the long weekend and going 4-wheeling up the Poudre River. It is my new passion you know.

While I LOVE the sport, it really is a bummer to be stuck on the back of someone elses 4-wheeler and since we only have one and since it WAS my 52nd birthday this week … well …

What can I say!  I can’t wait to get out of here LOL! I’ll be sure to take lots of pictures.

On the bead front, I just have to show you my latest experiment. I’m not completely happy with this one. It has a few flaws that make it unsellable on EBay. I had to order a slightly larger punch because I ended up grinding the holes on these to make they slightly larger (way too much work). Also, the punch I used must be ruined because the edge of every disk has a flaw. And on top of that, I must have cut the tubing a little long because one end of the tube split. Oh, and the bead design itself keeps the beads from fitting tightly together. But all that aside, I’m excited about the possibilities and will be revisiting this design.

If you would like to have this bead in spite of its flaws, I’ll let this one go to the first person who emails me for $20. I’ll get the shipping. (Please note the copper will patina)

I’ll be back Sunday night with lots of pictures! Thanks for checking in on me.

July 10, 2010


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Well, happy Saturday! Today my babie(s) come home for a 6 day visit. Miss Maggie and Zildjian will arrive at DIA early this afternoon. They are flying home for the family picnic which is tomorrow. Whoo Hoo! I miss them so much since they left. The siblings are actually fighting over who gets to go to the airport to pick them up. Silly kids. I”M picking them up LOL!

In the meantime, I’m still trying to stick my foot in the EBay door. EBay is ruthlessly cruel if you take a break. Your loyal and faithful customers move on to the next bead maker. Not that I blame them. I just wish it didn’t take so long to get things moving again. So you can find some bargain beads from me. Here’s a sneak peek at this week’s listings.  Have a super weekend! Patti

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